valuation standards board

Valuation Standards Board

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India has constituted a Committee consisting of members from different organs of the Government; certain Registered Valuers; representatives of recognised Registered Valuers Organisations and some other eminent persons to make recommendations and forward their views on Valuation Standards.

Mr. Pichaiya Subramaniam, Chairman IOV-RVF has been nominated as a member of the above Committee of IBBI.

Drawing from the rich experiences of IOV and its club of elite and eminent Members and also by including some high profile qualified professionals of repute, IOV Registered Valuers Foundation has constituted a Valuation Standards Board (VSB). It is charged with the responsibilities of undertaking research work in the field of Valuation Standards to eveolve standards for the benefit of all the stakeholders. In the above pursuit the VSB board has already held its 1st meeting on 14th July, 2018.

The VSB Board, IOV Registered Valuers Foundation

Sno Name Designation Email Contact No
1 Shri Pichaiya Subramaniam Chairman    
2 Shri Vinod Kumar Abbey Independent Director, IOV-RVF    
3 Shri Tanuj Kumar Bhatnagar Director - Registered Valuer, IOV-RVF    
4 Shri Ashish K. Bhattacharyya Member - Financial Securities    
5 Shri Sandip Kumar Deb Member - Land & Building    
6 Shri R. K. Patel Member - Plant & Machinery    
7 Shri Saket Singhal Member - Financial Securities    
8 Shri B. D. Sharma Member - industries    
9 Shri Abhay Kumar Member - Plant & Machinery    
10 Shri Kunal Banerjee Member - industries    
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