IBBI RVO Recognition No: IBBI/RVO/2017/002

Period to be mentioned for the First half year is 1st April to 30th September of the same year and for the Second half year is 1st October to 31st March of the succeeding year.

In case of first time submission of the Form, period shall be from the date of issue of Certificate of Practice (COP) till the end of the half year ended (i.e., for April to September date will be 30th September of that year and for October to March date will be 31st March).

The following details shall be pre populated in Form- M-4 & M-3:

  1. Name of the Valuer Member (Registered)
  2. IOVRVF Certificate of Practice No.
  3. IBBI Registration Number
  4. Asset Class
  5. Email Address
  6. Mobile Number
  7. PAN
  8. IOV membership number
  9. Adress

No. of ongoing engagements as mentioned in the last report is to be mentioned in this column

No. of ongoing engagements for the current half year is to be mentioned (i.e., pending assignments which are not completed in the current half year).

Reference number mentioned on the letter of the appointing authority is to be stated here.

Reference number which is mentioned on the valuation report prepared by you is to be stated here.

Please give the complete name and address of the authority who has given the assignment i.e., Insolvency Professional (IP), IP Agency, NCLT, Liquidator etc.

Date of appointment is the date mentioned on the assignment/appointment letter issued by the appointing authority.

Please mention the details of asset valued or to be valued as the case may be i.e., in case of Land & Building- complete address of the premises which is to be valued and whether it is residential or commercial or any other property.

Similarly in case of Plant & machinery name of the machinery/equipment/plant which is being valued or is valued.

And in case of SFA name of the specific security or financial asset which is being valued like., equity preference shares etc.

Please mention the section and the Act or regulation under which the valuation is to be carried like Section 42/62 of Companies Act, 2013, Section 6 of Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016 etc. (purpose of valuation).

Valuation date is the specific date, value of the asset is to be ascertained for that specific date and the date of Report is the date of the valuation report prepared by you and submitted to the appointing authority.

For e.g

  1. In some cases valuation of the equity shares/preference shares for the specific date (date of transaction between the parties is to be done) are asked for in the valuation report.
  2. Quite often for the asset class Land & Building the valuation of Land & Building for the date 1st April 2001 is required for specific purposes in these cases the valuation date will be 1-4-2001.
  3. Similarly most of valuation assignments in respect to Plant & machinery and Land & building are required specifically for closure dates i.e., 31st March.

Other experts shall refer to

  1. The experts from whom the Registered Valuer has taken some technical consultancy on specific assets where RV doesn’t have the expertise for carrying out the valuation of that asset
  2. Experts who have given the valuation for the other Asset class/es, for the same valuation assignment.

For e.g., the valuation assignment is such which required valuation of assets of all the three classes and the Registered Valuer who has taken up the assignment is registered only for one or two asset classes and obtains the valuation report from the other valuers registered for that respective asset class/es.

In these cases complete name and asset class of those respective experts (RVs) should be mentioned here.

The information of fees is asked for the internal analysis by the authority and shall not be made available for public (should be kept confidential by the RVO and IBBI) therefore please mention the total fees and your fees in case other experts are involved

According to the Rule 8 of the Companies (Registered Valuers & Valuation) Rules, 2017, “the registered valuers shall, while conducting a valuation, comply with the valuation standards as notified or modified under rule 18” and since the valuation standards are not yet notified by the Central government, the said rules have provided that until the valuation standards are notified by the central government, a valuer shall make valuations as per Internationally accepted Valuation Standards or valuation standards adopted by Registered Valuers Organisation.

IOV-RVF has adopted IVS, 2017 and therefore all the members shall comply with IVS, 2017 till the valuation standards are notified by Central Government. And accordingly shall mention the same in the form M-4.

These shall be the RV's remarks in case RV has some adverse remarks in relation to the valuation assignment or the Asset to be valued or other the stakeholder’s, or any other party involved in this assignment.

RV should mention all the transactions which have been entered with the stakeholders in its individual capacity. (Where Stakeholders would mean Corporate Debtor, Financial Creditors, Operational Creditors, resolution applicants etc. as the case may be)

These shall include all the transactions of RV in individual capacity with the associates, sister concerns, officials of the stakeholders which may have any connection with the valuation assignment.

The Companies (Registered Valuers & Valuation) Rules, 2017 all the RVs shall maintain records of each assignment undertaken by him for at least three years from the completion of each assignment. Therefore RV should mention the procedure being followed by them for maintaining these records whether in digitized form or other.

In form M-3 information in respect to CEP credit hours please note that–

  1. CEP stands for Continuous Education Program which shall be organized by different organizations and branches throughout the year on PAN India basis and the Registered Valuers shall have to mandatorily earn 16 credit hours in the respective financial year i.e., from 1st April to 31st March.
  2. CEP events are different from COP training and 50 Hrs. MEP training, please do not mention the details of COP training and MEP training in the table provided for CEP credit hours as they shall not be counted in the required 16 credit hours.
  3. Please separately mention the details for each CEP attended during the respective financial year by adding more rows to the table.

From date is the start date of CEP event which has been attended by the RV.

To Date is the end date of the respective CEP event.

Name of The Program Attended the name of the CEP program/event referred by the organizing entity for e.g., "Seminar on ______"

Name of Organizing Entity is the name of the entity who has organized that CEP Event for e.g., Institution of Valuers (IOV) along with the name of the branch, IOV Registered Valuers Foundation (IOV-RVF) or any other organization who has organized the CEP.

No. of days attended number of days for which the RV attended the respective CEP.

CEP Credit Hours Earned please mention the credit hours mentioned on the Certificate of Participation provided for the respective CEP only.

Document attached Self attested copy of the certificate of participation in pdf format is to be uploaded here.