IBBI RVO Recognition No: IBBI/RVO/2017/002



  1. Originality: Authors must make sure that the articles sent should not be used/published/ demonstrated/broadcasted in any form, anywhere on any website. The article should be plagiarism free as every article selected by the Editorial Board is subjected to a strict plagiarism check in line with ISSN’s Plagiarism Policy.
  2. Relevance/Topicality: The topic for the article should be in relevance to valuation, market – analysis, or related to the development of Valuation or preferably related to the new innovations or practices involved for the growth of this profession.
  3. Interest: Selected topic should have the potential to add to the knowledge to the readers. It should be interesting as well as thoughtful which can bring new ideas to the reader and motivate him/her to contribute to our field in a positive manner.
  4. Clarity/Readability: The language of the article should be simple, readable with short sentences which could be easily understood by the readers and with no grammatical mistakes.
  5. Word Limit: The article should not exceed 500-1000 words following with the summary of additional 100 words in Word File only.
  6. Headlines/Sub-heading: The headline of the article should be small and catchy, written with the purpose to draw attention of the readers.
  7. References: The author must provide the references with the articles at the bottom.
  8. Enclosures: A brief profile of the author, e-mail ID, postal address and contact numbers along with his passport size photograph (scanned for e-mail) and declaration regarding the originality of the article as mentioned above should be enclosed along with the article.
  9. Subject of the E-mail: The subject of the e-mail through which the article is being submitted should mandatorily be read as Article for Bi Monthly Journal – IOVRVF® The Valuer.

As mentioned above the article, will be sent to the experts in the Editorial Board to assess the technicalities and to check the areas of any improvement/changes required. The authors are required to make necessary changes as per stated by the reviewer and mail it back as soon as possible. However, the publication of the articles is subject to final decision of the Editorial Board.


The copyright of published articles will be with the IOV RVF®. The author shall have the copyright till the time of its Publication in the journal.
No honorarium will be paid for contributing article in the journal. However, the Registered Valuers are eligible to earn 4 Credit Points in subject to the publication of the article.


Article can be sent via e-mail at pro@iovrvf.org on or before 10th of each month.


In case the article is found not suitable for publication the same shall be communicated to the members, preferably by e-mail with or without assigning any reasons thereof.


No part of the journal may be reproduced or copied in any form by any means without the written permission of the Institution.